The campaign starts here…

It’s going to be one of the hardest-fought in living memory.  The incumbent has worked hard for more than three years to divide the electorate against itself.  It’s likely only one of the players has a real chance of achieving a workable majority.  It’s the 2015 General Election, and it’s just over a year and a half away.  

With this very much in mind, these are the words we need to hear from the leader of the only party set up to represent the interests of the majority:

“Inspired by the brave humanity of the postwar Attlee government, I give this categorical pledge.  We will not repeat the mistakes of the past.  If Labour is returned to office in May 2015 we will scrap Universal Credit even if it is set to be launched later in that year, reintroducing a welfare system which is supportive, civilised and fit for purpose in the 21st century.  

Public transport and utilities will be returned to public ownership and accountability, as part of a modern, efficient and integrated network, with service to consumers not profit to shareholders as the prime motive.  Further, we will repeal the iniquitous Health and Social Care Act 2012, similarly returning the NHS to public ownership and accountability and ensuring the continuation of healthcare free at the point of need.  

We will fund this by making sure that from Day One that tax avoidance – corporate or personal – will no longer be tolerated; any individual or organisation who threatens to leave the UK as a consequence will be free to do so, as they are clearly unwilling to contribute their fair share to the UK community.”

Do it, Ed.

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2 Responses to The campaign starts here…

  1. katemck says:

    Excellent and erudite as ever. Just a small plea – what about education? We need Labour to be saying loud and clear – no privatised education system, yes a system which is publically funded and accountable and which pays at least the living wage.

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