Of taxes & taxis…

On the day the top income tax rate drops to 45%, giving thousands of millionaires a £100,000 windfall funded partly by the Bedroom Tax and by cutting maternity pay, it’s reassuring to note from this recent article that the Establishment’s broadsheet has its finger on the pulse of the real challenges facing the people of Britain…


The pity of it is that woolly-headed Citizen Dave and his downgraded Chancellor (and the other nonentities with which they insulate themselves from the real world) have no clue how to do the same for the economy.


On a much brighter note, today is my son’s birthday. Happy 17th, dude. I’ve hidden the car keys…

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One Response to Of taxes & taxis…

  1. Chris Pindar says:

    Prime Minister Condemmned! – We only came into this swamp to get away from that tory maniac says sheep.

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